[Free Pattern] 26 Different Colours For A Proper Rainbow Blanket

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Really, there are 26 different colors! And they all work so well together. This blanket is such a stash buster and the stitch looks great! The Diamond Stitch Blanket by Happy in Red is gorgeous and really simple to make. One of those projects you can just sit and watch the telly with.

This blanket is quite big: 84 cm x 123 cm so it would be really great for a childrens bedroom, though it would also work in a big colourful livingroom I think. Trust me, it's really suitable to hide under with a cuppa and a book or DVD in reach, very soft and warm. (Source

diamond_stitch_blanket_tutorial_Image source: Esther

Thanks to Esther for the article inspiration and featured image.

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6 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] 26 Different Colours For A Proper Rainbow Blanket”

  1. Iris, the pattern is linked to the name of the pattern. Please click the words: Diamond Stitch Blanket in the phrase: The Diamond Stitch Blanket by Happy in Red … to get to the pattern’s page. Hope it helps.

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