[Free Pattern] 11 Tote Bags That Never Go Out Of Style

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I have a couple of reusable tote bags that I take with me whenever I go shopping. That's my way of being a part of the “go green” trend that's happening right now. Considering I visit the marketplace pretty often, this little trick of reusing the same bag every single time I go shopping, must have saved hundreds if not thousands of plastic bags from being used and then thrown away, just like that! If you’re like me, you’re going to love this article’s topic.

Now, since there are so many reusable bags to choose from, why not try to keep your shopping stylish? Here are 11 evergreen tote bag patterns that you can make for yourself and keep stylish every time you go shopping.

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1. Grrlfriend Market Bag by Laura Spradlin

Sometimes it takes a Grrlfriend to save the day! Knit this versatile market bag for a friend who could use a helping hand – even if it’s just with the groceries!

The Grrlfriend Market Bag was knit from recycled sweater yarn in a cotton/linen blend but you can use whatever yarn you like – try it in linen, dishcloth cotton, Cotlin – make it with wool and full it a bit!

The bag starts with a square bottom knit from the center outward using double pointed needles. When the square gets big enough switch to circular needles and you’re nearly there! Make your square bottom larger or smaller to adjust the finished size of the bag. The easy lace pattern won’t give you headaches and is easy on the hands with non-stretchy yarns. Finish off with a garter stitch band and sturdy handle and you’ve got your new favorite bag!

[Free Pattern] 11 Tote Bags That Never Go Out Of StyleImage source: Laura

2. Rainbow Runner Tote Bag by Tamara Kelly

The free crochet pattern for the Rainbow Runner Tote Bag is the Spring 2015 Moogly Mini Crochet-Along!

[Free Pattern] 11 Tote Bags That Never Go Out Of StyleImage source: Tamara

If you are interested in seeing more tote bag styles and get some inspiration please continue to the next page.


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