• Free Heartstrings Crochet Pattern- No Long Chains, No Sewing, And No Yarn Tails!

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    Use this free heartstrings crochet pattern to make a beautiful set of hanging decorations and to add a little flair to your Valentine's Day. Heartstrings by Lisa Hounshell is done using the Breakaway Crochet Method.

    This heart chain crochet pattern is such a fun and festive pattern to make all kinds of gifts from bracelets to longer window decoration pieces.

    This crochet chain of hearts makes a simple and pretty hanging décor piece to add to your doorway or wall for Valentine's Day.


    Free Heartstrings Crochet Pattern

    YARN Many types of yarn can be used but it really depends how you will use the heart strings.
    Generally cotton is a good choice for stand-alone type projects or for appliques. If using in
    conjunction with a crochet project, such as a blanket border, then match the yarn you are using for
    the main project.
    HOOK It is also recommended to use the hook size that is appropriate for the yarn. Check the label
    on the yarn if you are not sure.

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    Get the Free Heartstrings Crochet Pattern via Lisa Hounshell.

    Thanks to Lisa Hounshell for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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