Free Crochet Patterns For Shawls

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This collection of unique shawl patterns for any occasion will not let you get bored.

There's a crochet pattern that suits everyone!

Crocheting a shawl is not an easy task.

When you want to crochet free patterns for your shawls, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right free pattern that matches what you are looking for.

In this blog post, we will show you some of the best free crochet shawl patterns and give some tips on how to make them.

The free patterns below are tutorials on how to crochet shawls, and they offer a variety of different styles including lace patterns and freeform designs.

If you're looking for free crochet patterns for shawls, then these 10 free crochet patterns should be perfect!

Free Crochet Patterns for Shawls

Here is a collection of free crochet shawl patterns that would work for any occasion.

There is a variety in terms of customization, size & style so you'll be able to find one perfect-for whatever your needs may be!

This collection features beginner-to advanced levels alike with many different options available such as texture or color choice so you don't get bored any time soon .

All these beautiful crocheted shawls can now easily become yours at no cost whatsoever.

Hold onto what's most important while keeping yourself warm during those cold winter months ahead?


Oversized Crochet Shawl Pattern

A shawl that's simple and fun to make.

With Box Stitch Pattern, it takes one pound of your favorite yarn (16 oz)and can be made as small or large as the size desired!

You could also finish off with an edging like lace for extra flair on this classic garment of warmth that will keep you warm all winter long

Via Ideal Delusions

Beautiful Moment Crochet Shawl Pattern

This Blissful Moment Crochet Shawl Pattern is a beautiful, quick project that you can work up in no time.

With the right hooks and needles, this pattern will have any beginner hooked!

This simple yet elegant design would look great with most shades of color – it's perfect for those who prefer their projects without too many textures distracting them while crocheting or watching TV on lazy days alike.

The designer behind, Colinia Gray ,designed her fabulous shawls using Red Star Super Saver Yarns.


Beautiful Moment Crochet Shawl Pattern
Via Yarnspirations

Classy Pentagon Crochet Shawl Pattern

The subtlety of this shawl is perfect for those who love elegance and simplicity.

From its shape to size; you can't help but stay drawn in by how much detail went into making it!

It has three separate pieces- one central piece with five faces that are made up all around then two wings extending from each side like spreading arms outwards towards their respective sides (which would be if they were coming at us).

The design of each face on its side gives off an elegant vibe that reminds me so much like something out of ancient Rome or Greece- but also modern at the same time with all those colors coming together beautifully in one masterpiece piece made up by three separate pieces.

Classy Pentagon Crochet Shawl Pattern
Via Yarnspirations

Crochet Buttoned Shawl Pattern

Making things more practical with the use of shawl buttons, Susan Heyn took what would be just an item for warmth and made it into something that is stylish as well!

The warmth of the shawl is perfect for those who are often cold and work from an understaffed office.

Its buttons can be easily exchanged when needed with other colors or styles, ensuring that you stay stylish while keeping warm at your desk!

Crochet Buttoned Shawl Pattern
Via Yarnspirations

This is me Shawl

The shawl is different from any other crochet piece you've ever seen.

It mostly uses double crochet stitches, but has chaining and single crocheting too!

The texture of each ribbed row can be mixed up with rows made out of different patterns for an extra touch that will make your project shine in the end result.

Via Wilmade

The Earth Shawl

The soft, stylish and cozy wrap shawl will be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

It's an elegant way to keep warm during those chilly days.

This is also a great accessory you can wear at work or on casual occasions- it will make heads turn in admiration with its elegance.

The Earth Shawl
Via Merry Mary Stories

Spring Shawl

This Spring Shawl Crochet Pattern is perfect for any woman who wants to add some fun and personality to their wardrobe this season.

The shawls come in different shapes, sizes, colors – there's an option that will work with anything your closet has!*

I love all the new ways we are able to experiment on ourselves these days without having to spend tons of money doing it too.

This triangle crochet pattern gives me so many possibilities; I can wear mine over my shoulders like a wrap or tied around my head like a bandana- which one do you prefer?

Via Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Summer Shawl

The Summer Shawl is the perfect solution to your need for sunless days.

It can be worn as an accessory or wrap and will work with anything in your closet – even fall outfits! You could also make two of these, one each made up bright colors that are perfect during summertime and autumnal tones respectively (or any combination thereof).

The versatility makes this cozy piece a must-have not only all year round but anytime you want some extra warmth on those chilly nights when storms roll through town.

Summer Shawl
Via Cream Of The Crop Crochet

Wrap Me In Ice Cream Shawl

Crocheting a cozy, light weight shawl?

This free pattern is easy and fun!

You'll be wrapped in style with this beautiful shawl made from just two skeins of Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn.

With the free pattern, you can't go wrong!

Simple instructions make it perfect if want something quick but pretty — or even great practice technique at a leisurely pace while watching TV after dinner time.

Via Left in Knots

Flirty Shawl

Penelope's Flirty Shawl is an easy-to-wear, versatile piece that you can easily make into a bridesmaid or picnic shawl in just two hours.

The pattern includes instructions for making the garment as well as ideas on how to modify its size and style depending on your needs!

You even get some fun fringe action along with all of this sassiness too; it won't be long before you're getting compliments left right and center about how lovely (and unique) these new accessories are.


Flirty Shawl
Via Simply Collectible Crochet

April Showers Shawl

The April Showers Shawl is like wearing the gentle rain on your skin.

It features a lovely stitch that will make your project look like it's pieced together!

It's a must-have for any wardrobe, and there are many variants that can be made depending upon what colors you enjoy using most in this season!

This two row repeat shawl can be worked up quickly with basic crochet skills, making it easy enough that even beginners could do them justice – just make sure you know how to work single crochets and double/triple trebles before starting so there are no surprises when done crocheting at end of the project.

April Showers Shawl
Via Highland Hickory Designs

Winter Shawl

This winter wrap is the perfect way to keep warm this season.

This beautiful shawl can be made with double crochet and window stitch, which makes it easy for beginners like yourself who want to learn how to do some triangle crocheting!

You will love making a tangible gift by giving someone your own handmade present- this time of year, especially so that they don't need anything else except their loved ones near them on cold days or nights out in public places where there isn’t much warmth available from electric heaters alone.

This unique pattern uses only two colors.

Via Cream Of The Crop Crochet

Coraline In The Wine Country Triangle Shawl

You'll be the star of any event in this lovely, easy-to-crochet shawl.

It's a hilariously quick and simple crochet pattern that can easily be crocheted by anyone!

This shawl is so simple, yet it looks amazing in any color!

It's the perfect accessory for colder days.


Coraline in the Wine Country Triangle Shawl
Via Simply Collectible Crochet

My First Triangle Shawl

The beauty of this free triangle shawl pattern will shine through as you make your way through the basics.

From learning where to increase and more complicated stitch patterns, My First Triangle Shawl is designed for beginners who want an easy design with some interesting shaping techniques.

The beautiful triangle is created to really reveal the beauty of your yarn.

Learn how you can make a one row repeat, and be creative in size with this free crochet pattern found on Winding Road Crochet!

My First Triangle Shawl
Via Winding Road Crochet

Find even more Free Crochet Patterns for Shawls here.

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