These Free Crochet Doll Patterns Are Awesome

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We all love a great collection of free crochet doll patterns! They are so much fun to make, to give and to receive. The joy and the sparkles in the eyes of the little recipients are priceless and does'n matter if the pattern is easy, simple or complicated is always worth it to crochet a baby doll.

We have selected a few delightful dollies that are fun to crochet and make excellent gifts for girls.

Free Crochet Doll Patterns

The first one in our selection is the sweet and simple 18 inches crochet doll free pattern.

From the Baby Dolls of the World collection designed by Jayda InStitches here is the adorable sleeping baby doll pattern.

She's all tucked into a onesie and already fast asleep. She's a sweet little doll easy for a small hand to hold.

If you know anybody who's into 18 inch dolls then this makes a cute little doll.

Depending on what color of yarn you're using for the flesh tone you can change up the colors that you use to make the facial features so they either blend in with the face or they stand out it's entirely up to you.

These Free Crochet Doll Patterns Are Awesome

This little sleeping baby doll or two or three of them would look so cute popping over the edge of a stocking on Christmas morning .
Make a dozen of these sweet little dolls, they are always a fun little gift to bring to a home where there are lots of small people. Follow along with the video tutorial below to make your first sleeping baby doll.

Happy Baby Doll Crochet Video Tutorial

Learn more about thus baby doll pattern: Happy Baby Doll Crochet Video Tutorial.

Thanks to Jayda InStitches for the article inspiration and featured image.

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