Fastest Crochet Stitch For Blanket -Easy Crochet Patterns (Video Tutorial)

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If you have a long crochet projects list and still looking for a quick one, you may be looking for the fastest crochet stitch for a blanket type of pattern.

This fast and super easy crochet blanket, designed by Alison Russell's Crochet and craft Channel, is that type of pattern.

With such an easy, quick, and pretty pattern, you will make a nice blanket in no time!

Learn how to make a fast and easy crochet loop ridge blanket using any yarn, any color.

This easy crochet stitch is also known as the textured picot stitch, the rib loop stitch or the winkle stitch creates a really lovely texture on a blanket.

If you turn it sort of to the side you can see it has a really pretty rib running through it.

This really pretty stitch you can use for scarves, cushion covers, for blankets for throws.

You can do it in double knitting yarn and it works up really quickly and really nice.

A really thick yarn it's also really pretty.


Fastest Crochet Stitch For Blanket

In UK terms this stitch is chain in sets of 3+1 UK Double crochet = USA Single crochet I used a UK hook size 6mm (USA J hook) You can do this in any yarn use the hook size it states on your yarn. You can use Double knitting it is still beautiful but takes longer to work up.


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Fastest Crochet Stitch For Blanket -Easy Crochet Patterns (Video Tutorial)
Via Alison Russell’s Craft Channel.

See more about this pattern: Fastest Crochet Stitch For Blanket via Alison Russell’s Craft Channel.

Thanks to Alison Russell’s Craft Channel for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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  1. Fastest crotchet for blanket.You are saying double crotchet but you are doing single crotchet.Which is it double or single on your second row.

    1. The grey paragraph above explains that she is using UK terms, and a dc in the UK is a sc in the US. So when she says double crochet, you should make a single crochet.

  2. I love the look of the stitch, but I just can’t understand what she is saying. Her accent is too thick for declining hearing. I’d like to see the print pattern.

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