Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket Pattern

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Learn how to make this lovely and beginner-friendly crochet cluster baby blanket. The popular cluster stitch is pretty easy to learn with this easy-to-follow video tutorial courtesy of Blossom Crochet.
The texture created by this good-looking stitch looks great on both sides of the pattern. The back is just as nice as the front.


Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket Pattern

The yarn used was Stylecraft Special DK in the tutorial… The baby blanket at the beginning was Stylecraft Chunky.

Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket Pattern
Via Blossom Crochet

Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket Pattern Video Tutorial

Thanks to Blossom Crochet. for the article inspiration and featured image.

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2 thoughts on “Really Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket Pattern”

  1. Nice tutorial on the main part of the blanket, but you didn’t show how to finish the edges! Please present the information needed to complete the blanket, making sure the tails from the color switch don’t show.
    Thank you.

  2. Love the tutorial and plan on making this blanket. The only issue I have is that you did not include in the tutorial was how you finished the blanket. If you could post another video tutorial as a part 2 on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated.

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