Crochet Whip Stitch Seam Technique- The Best Way To Sew Fabric Together

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This crochet whip stitch seam technique tutorial will teach you how to sew crochet pieces together without a sewing machine.

The crochet whip stitch is strong and secure so it works best for holding two crochet pieces tightly together, such as the top of a bag or purse body.

It's also great if you want your crochet work to be reversible since this method hides all edges inside the piece!

There are many different ways to do crochet seaming but I think that using the whip stitch on both sides of an edge creates some really clean lines (see photos below).

Whether you're new to crocheting or looking for new techniques, try out this easy crochet whipping technique today!



Crochet Whip Stitch Seam Technique

Whip stitching is a simple crochet technique that will help you whip up two afghan squares in no time. You're going to love this project- they are perfect for cozying up by the fireplace or cuddling under during those cold winter months ahead!
Let's get started!

Crochet Whip Stitch Seam Technique- The Best Way To Sew Fabric Together
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Crochet whip stitch is a great way to sew fabric together. It's particularly good for sewing crochet blocks together because it creates an invisible seam that doesn't show on the front of the crochet block. Whip stitching can also be used to join fabrics, just like you would use needle and thread. You will need two pieces of fabric with straight edges on both sides, then follow these steps:

Get the pattern: Crochet Whip Stitch via Tamara Kelly – Moogly.

Thanks to Tamara Kelly – Moogly for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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