• Calming And Therapeutic Crochet Blanket Pattern-Especially Comforting To People With Alzheimer’s, Autism, Dementia, Or Sensory Disabilities

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    If you're looking for a calming and therapeutic crochet blanket pattern that will help your loved one feel calm and relaxed, this is the perfect project!

    Crocheting is a great hobby and skill to have. It's also something that can be shared with others in need.

    Whether you are looking for an easy project, want to do some goodwill, or just want a cozy lap blanket for yourself- this crochet lap blanket pattern is perfect!

    It is not always easy to find the words to express your feelings. But, a crocheted project can be a great way to express your emotions.

    T-t-t-t-t-t Touch Me by Hooked on Sunshine is designed to comfort people with Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, or sensory disabilities. It's the perfect way to bring some joy into their life.

    It also makes an excellent gift idea for friends or family members who could use some extra love in their lives!

    Calming And Therapeutic Crochet Blanket Pattern


    A crochet lap blanket is a great gift for seniors.

    It can provide warmth and comfort in the cold winter months, keep them warm while they are sitting up watching tv, or just be an extra layer of protection from drafts when they are out and about.

    This crochet lap blanket is ideal for gifting to senior centers, hospices, donations.

    It's soft but durable! It has sections of different textures that are calming as well as therapeutic by adding a feeling of security; the weight provides additional support in times when you need it most (i.e., during an attack).

    If you have any leftover yarn, it's easy enough to crochet a blanket to donate or keep handy for friends and family members who may need one.

    It's a great blanket to donate for charity as it works up quite quickly in a few evenings depending on how much time you want to spend crocheting in one sitting!

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