Best Pictorial To Help Get Straight Edges When Doing Rows Of Double Crochet

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From feeling like a failure to feeling like a pro! This is how I would summarize this tutorial. Many crochet projects appear funny and unfinished when the sides look uneven. We've all been there and is not a great place to be. it is frustrating and time consuming. This Demystifying Double Crochet – How to Double Crochet for Beginners photo tutorial by Kim Werker is the fantastic answer to leave frustration behind ad move ahead with confidence.

…I hope these double crochet instructions will help out new crocheters who are struggling despite assurances that crochet is easy as pie. Sometimes pie can be a great confounding mystery. Let's set you on a path to evening those edges out, ok?

dc edge fails

Image source: Kim

Thanks to Kim for the article inspiration and featured image.

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33 thoughts on “Best Pictorial To Help Get Straight Edges When Doing Rows Of Double Crochet”

  1. I had so many problems with this when I first started and would get so upset because I would realize it after a few rows and have to undo what I had done. Thank you for this tutorial. It is VERY helpful!!!

  2. All you really have to do is make sure you count the stitches in each row. You get to the end of the row and you should do the last number and you’re short one – you screwed up somewhere. Rip out that row and start it over.

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