5 Awesome Ideas To Decorate With Crochet Flowers

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Crochet flowers are so delicate and beautiful and is always a great idea to use them in decorating your house. Crocheted flowers can make a house a home. A simple brilliant decoration idea can take a room from boring to fabulous! Here are 5 awesome ideas to decorate your house with crochet flowers.

1. Add crochet flowers to a pendant lamp for a extreme makeover. The results are stunning.

flower project 1

2. Embellish a lampshade. Add some crochet flowers to the lampshade and you’ll have  a fun  and playful lamp.



3.Cute Curtain Tiebacks -Decorate your curtains with crochet flowers tie backs. The possibilities are endless!

cute curtains

4. Put your favorite pictures in cute and colorful crochet frames. They will  transform the ambiance of  your room adding more personality and happiness to any space.

crochetframesivyjuliana 1

5.Add fun to your kitchen accessories with some crochet flower coasters.These flowers are sure to make your home bloom with radiance!


Thank you to amazing interior design for these awesome design ideas!

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