[Free Pattern] Very Simple Washcloth Set With Basket Crochet Pattern

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Ever wondered what adorable things you can do with leftover bits of cotton yarn? This Washcloth Set with Basket free crochet pattern designed by Maggy Strong is the perfect pattern for your left over cotton yarn. Such a great gift idea to make the cloths and the basket! This pattern is a great idea for housewarming or Christmas gifts .


Washcloth Set With Basket Free Crochet Pattern

I love this washcloth pattern because I wrote it to use those little balls of cotton yarn, either Lily’s Sugar and Cream, Peaches and Creme, or Crafter’s Secret. Any worsted weight cotton yarn will do, with a SIZE J HOOK.

Each washcloth takes approx. 60 yards to make. This means that your typical solid color cotton yarn ball (usually around 127 yards or so) will make exactly 2 cloths. HOWEVER if you use a variegated cotton yarn, these usually come in balls of about 97 yards. So here is the breakdown of what I personally like to use for a basket of matching cloths:

1 ball of SOLID cotton yarn will make 2 washcloths. 2 balls of Variegated cotton yarn will make 3 wash cloths. I like to make eleven matching cloths per basket. So for example:

1 ball of red (Makes 2 cloths)
1 ball of dark brown (Makes 2 cloths)
1 ball of creme (Makes 2 cloths)
1 ball of green (Makes 2 cloths)
2 balls of variegated oatmeal (Makes 3 cloths)

That’s eleven total cloths. But you can add or subtract how much you want to make depending on your personal preference. It takes me approx 40 minutes to make one wash cloth, so I can make a set this size in just a few days.

Then you’ll need a basket. This can take 1 to 2 balls of cotton yarn depending on the stitch you use. I’d get 2 just to be safe. You can also use any scraps of yarn you may have leftover from your cloths to add colored details.

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[Free Pattern] Very Simple Washcloth Set With Basket Crochet Pattern

Get the Pattern —>Washcloth Set With Basket Free Crochet Pattern.

Thanks to  Maggy Strong for the article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. Would like to see mug cozy patterns for a guy, like a funny face or animal face, or even a workout theme. Maybe even an office/desk theme.

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