[Video Tutorial] Learn A New Stitch: Solomon\’s Knot aka Lover\’s Knot Stitch

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I\'ve come across this stitch while browsing on Pinterest and it\'s name totaly hooked me. I had to go to Wikipedia and search for it\'s meaning to understand why this stitch is called Solomon\'s knot or Lover\'s Knot.  How are the two names connected? Do you know?

This is what I\'ve found out:

Solomon\'s knot is the most common name for a traditional decorative motif used since ancient times, and found in many cultures.

Solomon\'s Knot is interpreted to symbolize eternity because there is no visible beginning or ending. The knot also seems to be two entwined figures and that\'s why it is sometimes interpreted as a Lover\'s Knot.

I\'ve searched for an easy to understand video tutorial on how to do this stitch and  I liked this Learn How to Crochet – Solomon\'s Knot Stitch (Lover\'s Knot, Love Knot, Hail Stone, Solomon) from Naztasia who gives us the basics of this stitch in basically less than 3 minutes.

Enjoy the video tutorial below and have fun with crocheting Solomon\'s Knot Stitch.

PS. If you need a How to Crochet a Love Knot tutorial in pictures, here is a great one I\'ve found  on Vashti\'s Crochet Pattern Companion\'s blog and you can see it here.

Photo credit: echtstudio.nl

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