Multitasking Cell Phone Pouch Crochet Pattern Everyone Needs

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“This morning I woke up and realized that I charge my phone always on the ground when I plug it into the charger. Having kids and pets at home, that my not be the smartest idea.

So I decided to create a cell phone pouch that not only protects my phone from dirt and possible small damages such as scratches, it also have another purpose. Multitasking Cell Phone Pouch Crochet by Nicki's Homemade Crafts  It can be hanged up over a charging plug when connected to an outlet while charging your phone. AWESOME!

Furthermore, it has another “hole” on the bottom of the pouch for your headphone jack to be plugged in while still having the pouch on your phone. WHAAAAAT? Which means you can even hang this pouch onto your pants or a belt while hiking and still listen to your music or take phone calls!So, now that I explained to you how awesome and multifunctional this pouch, let me tell you this: It is super easy and fast to make! I might mine under an hour! And it basically only uses 1 stitch which is the single crochet!

Though the Turkish Star Stitch might not look like it, but, yes, it is 2 single crochet for every stitch just placed in a different location as you normally would. But it is easy! Just try it. And it looks very elegant!”


Multitasking Cell Phone Pouch Crochet Pattern

You will need:

Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn in the color woodberry
5.0mm hook
yarn and tapestry needle
a button

Multitasking Cell Phone Pouch Crochet Pattern Everyone Needs

Check out the original source for the Multitasking Cell Phone Pouch Crochet Pattern Crochet Pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Nicki's Homemade Crafts

Thanks to Nicole for the article inspiration and featured image.

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