Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Bavarian Crochet in Rows

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The Bavarian Crochet stitch is commonly known as the “Wool Eater” (more in this post). Worked in rows, this great stitch is perfect for all your fall projects! The legend says that this stitch was originally designed by a mother and daughter from Bavaria.


Bavarian Crochet in Rows Free Pattern

This amazing Bavarian Crochet in Rows by Crochet Kitten creates a texture which is tick and very pretty and also different and unique. Your starting chain is a multiple of 8 with 2 added on. This is a beautiful pattern stitch to learn and so perfect for afghans and blankets.

Bavarian Crochet 1

Thanks to Selena for the article inspiration and featured image.

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16 thoughts on “Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Bavarian Crochet in Rows”

  1. You wrote that the pattern is worked in multiples of 10 plus 2, but the pattern says multiples of 8 plus 2. Just thought you should be aware of the discrepancy.

  2. I’ve made a Bavarian Stitch afghan & it’s beautiful, my advice is ,count ,counthe ,count, the diamond shape is done in 2 rows ,if you mess up that first bottom row ,you will have to frog it, take your time & pay a tension ,you will have a beautiful afghan, I’m starting my next one this month,

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