• Knitting For Beginners: 38 Different And Awesome Cast-on Stitches

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    Almost all knitters have a favorite cast-on. And they stick with it forever. However, sometimes, is good to know how the other cast-on stitches look like, just in case you want to try a different one for different reasons or simply because you want to make a change.


    See bellow a set off 38 awesome Different Cast-On Knitting Stitches, courtesy of Queer-Knits and how they look like. Super useful and extremely attractive selection! Enjoy!

    knitting cast--on

    Thanks to Queer-Knits for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    24 Comments to Knitting For Beginners: 38 Different And Awesome Cast-on Stitches

    1. are there actual directions? all the links I tried (and subsequent links) are just to the one picture per type.

    2. I’m a beginner, and I don’t have any idea from where to start with for knitting. I would like u to suggest me the steps to be followed and also the needle company,size. Which needle is better steel or aluminum or any other? Here in my native area I get wool of low quality. So Wich company wool do u prefer for sweater n mittens n socks. Your reply will b greatly appreciated. Thank u.

    3. These would be wonderful to learn if there were more than just the pictures!!! Where are the instructions, everything I click on takes me to something entirely different??!! I know how to start and knit a basic stitch, just not how to end or finish off!!

    4. I can’t seem to get the text to go with this article and the picture of the 38 cast on’s.
      Would like to teach this at our monthly knit group this weekend. cllikking on the downloud
      button doesn’t work and neither does the zip cruncher. Can you help me get the text?

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