[Free Pattern] Weeping Angels Never Looked So Cute

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Doctor Who fans will appreciate this pattern a lot! They probably know a lot about the Weeping Angels. For all others, this angel will surely look cute and friendly and with all those gracious qualities that good angels have. The Weeping Angel pattern by Irene McCormick can be easily used as gift, to go in memory boxes, for charities or as decoration object for your own house. This pattern is beautiful beyond expression and words.


Pattern for a Weeping Angel, with instructions to make either Dormant or Attacking varieties.

Gauge is not important, use a hook slightly smaller than yarn suggests to create a close work so stuffing dosnt show through. Using a thicker yarn and larger hook will make a bigger angel, a smaller hook and thinnner yarn will make a smaller angel.

A card or plastic insert at base will make her stand a bit easier (notes in pattern), or a length of yarn or thread at her back could turn her into a decoration for a Whovian Xmas Tree.

Pattern also notes alternate colouring to make into a normal standard angel.

[Free Pattern] Weeping Angels Never Looked So Cute

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Teeny Dudes Designs

Thanks to Irene McCormick for the article inspiration and featured image.

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