[Free Pattern + Video Tutorial] You Can Create Gorgeous Blankets Using This Deceptively Simple Sunny Spread Pattern

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You'll absolutely love creating this sunny spread crochet blanket! Great design and has such a lovely surface texture! It has received so many rave reviews.The pattern is quite easy to follow and relatively quick to work as there is only one color change per square. The featured blanket is made in one color but you if you'd like a more colorful blanket, this pattern looks great in one or more colors.

Here is a beautiful Sunny Spread blanket, with a beautiful choice of colors, made with Drops Alpaca and posted on Granny Mania. This blog is in French, but even if you don't speak French you can still admire the beautiful creations on the blog.

sunny blanket

Image source: Granny Mania

The blanket below is a stunning baby blanket made by talented  Vicki of  Dover and Madden using the same Sunny Spread pattern.
I love the color scheme, is soothing.  I love that it’s not the usual “baby” colors and can work for either gender.

sunny blanket 2
Image sourceVicki

I personally went with a plain single crochet border.  I didn't use the border on the pattern, for me it was a bit too much and too matchy, matchy!! I always make sure that I use a hook at least half a size smaller when crocheting a border to a blanket…..I used a 3mm for this border.  By doing this you don't get that loose wavy border that looks as if you have too many stitches added….When using the 3mm, your border will seem a bit tight on completion, but blocking will completely stretch it out as you can see from the finished blanket. Source: Sunny Spread

Featured image source: Ellen Gormley 

I've also found a video tutorial on how to make a sunny spread crochet blanket, which you can watch on the next page.

Go to the next page to watch the  Sunny Spread Crochet Blanket video tutorial.


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  1. I found that same pattern months ago on YouTube. I did lots of colours and am now starting to put it together. It’s an easy pattern once you get it in your head they crotchet up really quick.

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