• [Free Pattern] Very Pretty And Unusual Afghan Square

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    This square has an unique design with  a very interesting construction. I hope to see more from this designer, I find all her designs so amazing! The Fan Club square by Polly Plum is popping with colors and it's beautiful.

    This afghan block’s stripes build to four ruffly fans. You’ll create the effect of the separated fans by working in front and behind stitches. No working over yarn or changing colors mid row.
    Apologies to those who like to work in one color, but this baby is meant to pop with color. Try a rainbow, a gradient, or several shades of one color. You’re sure to love the effect, and it will be a little something different to add to your afghan. (Source)

    Crochet_Fan_Club_Image source: Polly Plum

    Thanks to Polly Plum for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Ok now that I love it …how do I get a pattern or diagram? By the way this again to sharing with us..thk you