• [Free Pattern] This Sunrise Sunset Afghan Is One Of The Most Striking Patterns You’ll Ever Make

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    I really love the colors in this baby blanket made using this Sunrise Sunset pattern. Such a beautiful blanket! Found on this blog, you cand read below the notes, the creator of this blanket, left for those interested in making this blanket.

    sunrise sunsetImage source: missy42

    ca. October 23, 2008 – I love this pattern! The squares are easy to make and really sweet. The one
    thing I had immense trouble with was the assembly. Not that it’s at all difficult – just a whip stitch. I just have trouble with it. I love to crochet, but the whip stitch isn’t actually crochet, it’s more like sewing. So I have difficulty with it with any project.

    I’m currently working on the border. Hopefully it won’t take me too long. The cousin this was meant for was born back in February. She’s grown quite a bit since then, so I hope it’s not too small for her once she gets it!

    EDIT Oct. 29, 2008 – Finished! It looks really good, and the border, while it sucked up nearly a whole extra skein of the green yarn, really adds a lot to the blanket. The very last round makes it look somewhat ruffle-y and gives it a subtle feminine touch. Plus, I’m now no longer worried that it won’t be big enough.

    I always hate giving these things away, but since it looks like this is going to be a Christmas gift, I get to hang on to it for a few weeks. I’ll get some pictures of it up soon! /EDIT

    EDIT February 06, 2009 – Okay, well, didn’t get this out for Christmas after all. Looks like it’s going to be her birthday gift for when she turns 1.

    L.A. was cloudy and rainy today. With the diffused light, I *finally* got some good pictures of this thing were the colours in the images somewhat approximate the actual colour of the yarn. Hooray for weather! /EDIT (Source

    Thanks to Dorothy Warrell for article inspiration and featured image.

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