[Free Pattern] This Nubbie Scrubbies Can Be Done By Anyone. Simple And Gorgeous

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 If you've ever looked for some simple handmade cloths that are great looking and also work up quickly, you've found them! These crochet nubbie scrubbies by Angelee Marie  have a great texture without being too dense and are thin enough to wring well and dry between uses.They are multifunctional, can be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. They are simply gorgeous!

This pattern makes a nice, thick, textured dishcloth or washcloth that is perfect for gift giving.

Yarn : Bernat Cotton Solids
Hook: 4.00mm or G
Sc- single crochet
Tr-treble crochet (US)

Source: Nubbie Scrubbies


nubbies scrubbies


Image Source: Angelee Marie

If by any chance your nubbies are smaller than the ones in the pictures above, here is a piece of advice you may want to read, to save you time and to help you get more  satisfaction when making this pattern:

It could be because of the yarn, or the tension you use. Everyone has their own tension, even with the same yarn and hook size. Experiment with different sizes of hooks for your own tension. Usually, if you use 100%cotton yarn, the cloth will tighten up after you wash it, and the nubbies will be more prominent. Source: Angelee Marie

Ahhh…and I forgot to mention: they make great gift ideas! They are adorable as dishcloths or little spa sets. Your friends will be so happy! These  nubbie scrubbies are almost too pretty to use!

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