• [Free Pattern] This Baby Blossoms Blanket Is Spectacular!

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    I am in love with this field of blossoms texture. The design is so elegant and a bit unusual. This Baby Blossoms by SassySSS is a beautiful little blanket that works up very quickly. The pattern is designed for a 20″ x 20″ but can be adjusted to any size your yarn-loving heart desires.

    This feminine heirloom-style blanket made from worsted cotton yarn is a delightful expression of all things girly. Adorning this pleasantly simple blanket is a field of blossoms and an ornate scalloped border.

    This pattern, consisting of single crochet, double crochets, chain spaces and clusters is a quick and easy project, ideal for beginners and last-minute gifts!

    What I love most about this blanket is the texture. It’s 100% reversible, the front-side is so smooth and silky whereas the reverse side is so soft, squishy and nubby, perfect for baby tummies!

    Baby_Blossoms_2Image source: SassySSS 

    Thanks to SassySSS for the article inspiration and featured image. 

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    17 Comments to [Free Pattern] This Baby Blossoms Blanket Is Spectacular!

    1. I HATE THIS!!!! Why do you say it’s a free pattern and then it takes you an hour to find the dang thing and GUESS WHAT????? ITS NOT FREE! THIS COMING FROM RAVELRY IS VERY DISAPPOINTING!

      • I agree! Ravelry takes you all along the back roads before you find what you are looking for… if you find it. I keep saying I’m not going to bother, unfortunately there are so many beautiful patterns.

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