• [Free Pattern] This 10-Minute Crochet Dish Scrubby Is Amazing!

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    Seriously! It only takes 10 minutes to crochet this beauty! 10-Minute Dish Scrubby by Sharon Frazier is a quick and easy dish scrubby pattern, available in two sizes which does some amazing job and dries fast after being washed. Use this pattern to make some scrubbies for your own kitchen or for a housewarming gift.

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    [Free Pattern] This 10-Minute Dish Scrubby Is Amazing!

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    12 Comments to [Free Pattern] This 10-Minute Crochet Dish Scrubby Is Amazing!

    1. I didnt know they make “scrubby yarn”! I have made some scrubbies with regular worsted weight that work pretty well for everything except really crusty pots & pans. Been thinking of adding some kind of wire to them for extra scrubbing power, & also have to make sure I rinse them, & put them in a spot where they can dry, after use, or they get slimy. But if theres a scrubby yarn that fixes all these potential issues, I’d like to try it!

      • Cleo Mikesell

        Use 2 inch rolls of netting from InsideSandysShop.com. Netting provides the rough surface WITHOUT scratching your pans. Many uses for this stuff! Wish I could leave my email for a conversation with you ! ! But I don’t dare ! !

    2. I love the scrubby yarn, though not great for the novice until they can literally get a ” feel ” for their stitches. I made one like a mitt so I could slip my fingers inside. It works great for cleaning fresh vegetables. Thank you for your pattern.

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