• [Video Tutorial] Super Easy, Super Fun Spiral Crochet Scrubbies

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    There are so many great looking finished spiral scrubbies examples done by using this pattern. I picked a couple that are not only great looking but also may give you a few more insights into the spiral scrubbies making process.

    First one is from Renee of East of Eden. Not only she has created some truly stunning scrubbies but also she has doneher research as well and has a bit of information on her blog that I find interesting and helpful for us  all.

    What caught my eye in particular was the fact that they were made out of acrylic.  Cheapo acrylic yarn, the scratchier the better.  I had always followed the yarn commandment that says, “Thou shalt only use cotton for handmade yarny kitchen thingees.”  But much to my surprise acrylic does an extraordinary job of scrubbing dishes. I even scrubbed my lasagna pan without soaking it first with above tawashi and it took no time at all and nowhere near as much elbow grease as it usually would. SourceDo you tawashi?

    [Video Tutorial] Super Easy, Super Fun Spiral Crochet Scrubbies

    Image source: Renee

    Interesting piece of information, right?

    And here is another awesome project found on dishcloth activist.

    I crocheted a loop at the top of each scrubbie long enough to hang off the tap to dry. These were each such a quick project, I was able to complete all four within one day! Source: dishcloth activist

    [Video Tutorial] Super Easy, Super Fun Spiral Crochet Scrubbies

    Image source: dishcloth activist.

    And now it’s your turn!

    Watch below a Spiral Crochet Scrubbie Tutorial from Donna Wolfe of Naztazia and have fun crocheting these great and cute scrubbies- easy projects for beginners and advanced.

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    1. Are these for washing yourself, dishes, pots and pans, or ?? How long does it take for them to dry? Do you wash them in a washing machine or dishwasher? How do you sterilize them??

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