[Free Pattern] Stunning Flower Garden Blanket

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Mesmerizing flower blanket! If you need a baby blanket, a bit different, this is the one! Kennedy's Flower Garden Blanket by Erica Dietz is a stunning baby blanket made in a few different shades of pink and purple. I love the colors in this blanket; they are very different from the usual pastel colors

Kennedy’s Flower Garden is made of 8-petal flower motifs that are joined as you go to make construction simpler. Leaf motifs are then made to fill in the spaces between the flowers. Each flower motif is about 6 inches across so you can make you blanket as big or as small as you would like as long as it is a multiple of 6. The sample blanket was made of 5 flowers across and 6 flowers down and the finished size was approx. 30 inches x 36 inches. (Source)

flower crochet baby blanketImage source: Erica.

Thanks to Erica Dietz for article inspiration and  images.

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  1. I made a table runner once where you connect the motifs as you go it was actually very simple and worked up pretty fast. That was with crochet thread, I have never tried with regular yarn

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