[Free Pattern] Make Your Own Stunning Crochet Mandala

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Some people say that when you create a mandala, you create a reflection of your soul. Mandala art has been used for ages for therapy and healing. The Starflower Mandala designed by amazingly talented Zelna Olivier of Zooty Owl Crafty Blog looks fantastic and it's easy to make. And of course, you can personalize his mandala project by using the colors of your choice and creating your own unique stunning Starflower Mandala.

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK;

Hook: 3.50mm

Size: 33cm in diameter

starflower mandalaImage source: flickr.

Thanks to Zelna Olivier for this article inspiration and featured image.

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47 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Make Your Own Stunning Crochet Mandala”

  1. Some are big enough to be blankets. Some can be used as rugs. If you find small ones you can make afghans out of them. Just lije granny squares ,only round. In all honesty the only limit is your inagination and the soze of the pattern. Hope this helps you find a new way to use these patterns.

  2. I just finished crocheting this pattern. My first time ever, using cotton yarn. It is a little more difficult to work with than other yarns, but the end product is beautiful.

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