[Free Pattern] Don\’t You Just Love These Magic Squares?

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This is a brilliant pattern! The shadow effect is amazing and clever. The Shadow Magic pattern by Frankie Brown is amazing. We have already featured some of Frankie’s amazing patterns here and here. It could be that the biggest challenge for this magic squares project is to choose the right colors. Are you ready to take on this challenge?


This pattern shows you how to knit magic squares with their own shadow so that the colours seem to float above the surface.

Any weight of yarn can be used and, although I have used my squares to make a cushion cover, this pattern could also be used to knit squares for a blanket or bag.

Less than 10g of each of the bright colours is used to knit a cushion so this is a good project for using up small amounts of yarn.

The back of the cushion features a different, simple magic square design which can be assembled in many ways. Two patterns for the price of one!

Shadow Magic by Frankie Brown

Thanks to Frankie Brown for article inspiration and featured image.

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9 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Don\’t You Just Love These Magic Squares?”

  1. June Peterson, we share knitting patterns too. We love knitters too. Our logo is “Daily crochet and knit inspiration” . There are many knitters on this page and many crocheters who love knitting too. We love you all. <3

  2. 🙂 It’s just very disappointing when I look at a pattern that I absolutely love! I go to make it and I find that its knit and not crochet. 🙁
    Maybe you can put, in the tagline, that it is a knit pattern and not a crochet pattern. 😉

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