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    I cannot think of any child who would not love this precious gecko! He is so adorable! This Gecko Frecko by Raphaela Blumenbunt is one of those rare patterns that will appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. The design is excellent and the color options are endless.

    You can choose any yarn you like.
    Just watch out that your hook fits
    to your yarn. Chose a crochet hook
    that will work with your yarn so that
    your gecko will not be loose and
    have holes that show the stuffing.
    As a point of reference:
    I needed 190 gram from the thick
    cotton. If you want to make it from
    sock wool, 50 gram will be enough. (Source)


    gecko gecko fredoImage source: Raphaela

    Thanks to Raphaela for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    12 Comments to [Free Pattern] Adorable Gecko Frecko

    1. I love this pattern. Right now I have a great gecko with no legs. I am having trouble with the feet. The foot sole is fine. The trouble comes with trying to join the sole to the upper part. Can anyone please clarify the instructions? Thank you.

    2. I am stuck on round 15. I keep getting 28 sts instead of 27 – where am I going wrong?
      Any help appreciated 🙂

      • dailycrochet

        We don’t own the pattern, we only feature the patterns we love and recommend them and where to find them. Sorry, we cannot email it.

    3. Is there a tutorial? I cannot figure out sr 37, sr 38 , sr 39 and rd 40. . What is meant by “(now continue into the stitches which lie below) 3 single crochet. What? By turning and not completing a round, am I to leave a space? Does line 40 then attach to line 39? Leaving a hole? Tell me there is a tutorial. I am 65. I have been crocheting since I was 7 years old.

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