• [Free Pattern] Adorable Crochet Baby Outfit: Sweater-Cap-Booties Pattern

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    This White Shell Infant-Baby Outfit – Sweater-Cap-Booties Pattern is adorable! One of the simplest crochet cardigans you’ll ever come across. This Aunt Jen’s Sweater by Sandi’s Angels can easily be made in almost no time, if you’re looking for a quick project or gift. You can easily add a beautiful matching baby blanket to this lovely crochet baby outfit if you wish. The cap pattern is included in the sweater pattern. The booties pattern is written here. (you’ll need to sign up to Ravelry to see the booties pattern!)


    Avalanche's Aunt Christine's Sweater

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    houseplantgirl's Baby Sweater

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    Aunt Jen's Sweater

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    Thanks to Sandi’s Angels for this article inspiration and images.

    Got inspired? Happy day crocheting!

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    31 Comments to [Free Pattern] Adorable Crochet Baby Outfit: Sweater-Cap-Booties Pattern

    1. Debbie Doebley

      Really love the grey and yellow sock monkey sweater set, says free pattern, could not find it, can you send it to me. Got 3 new babies coming between January and March. This would look nice with the quilts and quilted bibs my sister and I made.

      • dailycrochet

        Debbie, the pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern. Please click the words: Aunt Jen’s Sweater to get to the pattern’s page. Also the word “here” in the phrase: “The booties pattern is written here. ” Hope this helps!

    2. Debbie Doebley

      Really live the grey and yello sock monkey set, said free pattern but could not get the pattern, can you send it?