• Easy Crochet Lap Blankets For Nursing Homes

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    Are you on the lookout for easy crochet lap blankets that you can make quickly for a nursing home? Then, you have come to the right place. The roundup of free lap blankets for nursing homes will leave you inspired. Crochet lap blankets are also known as afghans and they are perfect for covering your lap. If you are new to crocheting, you will find lap blanket patterns to be just what you need to crochet.

    There is no need to worry as the patterns are super easy to crochet and do not take up a lot of your time. Chances are that you might have come across the patterns online.

    They come in a variety of patterns and each pattern is unique and looks absolutely beautiful. Spend your time in a nursing home in style with a lap blanket. Moreover, you can even gift lap blankets to nursing homes so that people can use them to keep warm and cozy.

    Easy Crochet Lap Blankets For Nursing Homes

    Easy Crochet Lap Blanket

    If you have a thing for ombre patterns, you will find this easy crochet lap blanket pattern to be just what you need. It is simply beautiful and will instantly cheer you up. You can look it up on Easy Crochet. A great thing about the easy lap blanket crochet pattern is that you can be done in no time. You can put it on your lap once the weather gets chilly or use it as an accessory.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

    Denim & Ivory Wheelchair Lapghan

    When it comes to lap blankets, they are simply amazing. Their soft and cozy touch will help you relax and forget about all your worries. The lap blanket can also be used with a wheelchair or for covering your lap. You can donate it to a nursing home to keep others happy.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

    Block Stitch Lap Afghan Crochet Pattern

    Another great lap blanket for nursing homes is the block stitch lap Afghan crochet pattern. It is a colorful pattern that is suitable for those that are starting out with crocheting. Its detailed instructions are easy to follow and you can be quickly done. Gift the crochet lap blanket to a nursing home and you will feel good.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

    Crochet Wheelchair Lapghan

    There is no greater joy than knowing that your effort is making the lives of others a whole lot easier. Besides, lap blankets make for a thoughtful handmade gift. Anyone who receives the lap blanket will be grateful.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

    Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket

    Now, if you are looking for a different lap blanket for nursing homes, you need to consider crocheting the cake yarn crochet lap blanket. It is a favorite. The lap blanket is simply beautiful. Its colors and minimal weaving will make you happy. Chances are that your grandma might have made you a similar crochet lap blanket when you were younger.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

    Patriotic Crochet Lap Blanket Pattern

    Finally, you can also make a patriotic crochet lap blanket pattern. It uses simple stitches and offers an amazing texture that you can find anywhere else. The pattern has a blue, white, and red color. It makes it a super fun lap blanket to look at.

    Find The Crochet Pattern Here

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