Crochet Cat House Pattern- Incredibly Charming

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Whale, whale, whale, what have we here?

This crochet cat house pattern is better than any box!

Do you think your kitty would love this crochet cave?

CatFish House by Kaitlyn Ro is clever and amusing and incredibly charming.

It’s easy to see why everyone seems to be loving it so much and chances are your fur baby will love it too!

This 3D cat house is 16”x16”x20” deep, just enough to make a cozy little house for your cat.


Crochet Cat House Pattern

This crochet cat house pattern is an excellent crochet design designed to allow cats to relax in their own home.

Cats bring joy to your life and it's time to give it back.

This pattern offers a special place for relaxation.

This can give the cat the comfort it needs and the sleep it needs.

This cat house is perfect for any feline friend.

4 mm cotton cord
5.5 mm hook
8 inch flower decorating hoop


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Crochet Cat House Pattern- Incredibly Charming
Via Kaitlyn Ro.

Get the pattern: Free Crochet Cat House Pattern via Kaitlyn Ro.

Thanks to Kaitlyn Ro for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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