Beautiful Shells Blanket Written Pattern For Beginners

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Shell patterns are beautiful and can be made in many different variations.

One variation is the beautiful shells blanket written pattern where the stripe is worked in two rows – first you create a row of v-stitches, then you infill the v-spaces with shells.

This beautiful shell blanket pattern is double sided, meaning you get two beautiful blankets in one.

It’s easy to make and looks beautiful on both sides!

The stripe of v-stitches creates a delicious texture, while the rows of shells infill the v-spaces beautifully.

The result is a delicious texture that would make for a lovely crochet project to keep your hands busy during cold winter months or as a gift for someone else.

This written pattern would be perfect for beginners who want to try making something new – it needs a little concentration early on but then becomes memorizable.

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Beautiful Shells Blanket Written Pattern

This beautiful sandy texture has the colors of coastal dunes and salty sea air.

It's perfect for your next beach inspired project!

The interlocking shells give this blanket a gorgeous feel, with its pretty stripes reminding you of summer.

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Beautiful Shells Blanket Written Pattern For Beginners
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