The Cutest Amigurumi Spring Bunny Crochet Pattern

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Amigurumi Spring Bunny is a fun, new spring crochet pattern that will be perfect for your next egg decorating project.

With its bright colors and cute features like the long spikes on their ears or what looks to be little rabbit sculptures in each corner of this bunny's shell-shaped eggs – you'll have all sorts of inspiration!

The design itself isn't difficult but does require some basic skills such as single crochets.

With its sweet face complete with big eyes and fluffy tails alike from floral embroidery stitches on top of simple single crochet shapes popping out all over, these bunnies will bring happiness wherever they go – just like our favorite time of year does too!!

Amigurumi Spring Bunny Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Spring Bunny Crochet Pattern
Mari-Liis Lille

Get The Cutest Amigurumi Spring Bunny Crochet Pattern via Mari-Liis Lille.

Thanks to Mari-Liis Lille for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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