10 Fun Things to Knit For Beginners

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Knitting can be funny. People like knitting all crazy stuff from food to dissected animals. Some are really fun, some really make you wonder, the point is, after all is really about how skilled you are to create such things in yarn.

Below is a selection of 10 Fun Things to Knit For Beginners.  Take a look around, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below.

PS . To find out more about a certain pattern just click on the name.

1.Steamed Broccoli Florets – So well done, they seem real.

For people who would rather knit than cook!

Steamed Broccoli Florets are knit in the round from the bottom up, and measure 2 inches tall.


Image source: Sara Elizabeth Kellner

2. Octavian the Octopussm – Meet Octavian : cute little Octopus with a cat head.


Image source: Jill Watt

3. Flushie Pattern and Professor Plunger –Cute little toilet with funny features.

This intermediate pattern makes an interactive toy—Flushie’s lid flap can open and close for hours of potty talk! Perfect for toilet trainees and immature adults of all ages.


Image source: Mochimochi Land

4. International Cat Hat: France, Le Mieux – Only for très sophistiqué cats!

GB Le Mieux Med

Image source: Spindles And Spices

5. Funny Hats For Dogs  Have  fun experimenting different hats for dogs. The possibilities are endless.


Image source: Amoena Online

6. “All day breakfast”  – Includes patterns for egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, toast and a dollop of sauce.


Image source: crazydazyknits

7. ‘Wedgwood' is one of a series of four Infiknit knitted teacups and saucers.


Image source: Carol Tomany

8. “Alien Autopsy” . For knitters with a passion for science.


Image source: aKNI Tomy

9. Whale Shark iPhone Cover  Place your iPhone inside this shark's mouth for better safety!


Image source: Reuben Briskie

10. Spud Because one can never have too many potatoes!


Image source: Carina

For more fun knitted things inspiration check out: the toast.

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