[Video Tutorial] Learn a New Crochet Stitch: The Diamond Trellis Stitch

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For today\'s Learn a New Crochet Stitch tutorial, I chose a video tutorial The Diamond Trellis Stitch by Esther Chandler on how to crochet the diamond trellis stitch using front post treble crochet stitches.This stitch is great if you want to make some home décor items, storage items baskets or some cold weather clothes . The texture is tick and the stitch it’s a real yarn eater so make sure you have enough yarn before starting any project.

The written pattern for the swatch can be found at makemydaycreative.com.

This image courtesy of Make My Day Creative.

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81 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] Learn a New Crochet Stitch: The Diamond Trellis Stitch”

  1. It feels like this is my first time ever trying to do this but every time that you started a new row for the diamond it’s like it changed because before you were doing at least one or you were doing to single crochet’s to get to the point where you can go under the diamond but when you went the third time you didn’t do any single stitches which I am confused at why you didn’t and every time it seems like you started the diamonds you were doing it different I don’t know just still seems confusing to me and I guess it doesn’t help because I’m new at this, please help I real want to learn

  2. Please help I make really trying to learn but living in a one horse town in Florida it’s hard to find others to help. I am an old grandma just trying to figure it out will mature grandma but I do love it and I just want to get better but I was noticing that each time you turn to do or just start the diamonds you did a few single crochet‘s but the third time you didn’t and I was confused at why and it seems like every time you start the diamonds again it’s down a different kind of way sometimes under both of them are sometimes under one I guess I’m just trying to understand I’m sorry but I do appreciate your patience , And you do you do a good job and you go slow enough that someone can watch I appreciate that

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