• Extra-Funky! The Latest Men’s Fashion: Crochet Shorts

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    Schuyler Ellers, who runs the Lord von Schmitt Etsy shop takes crochet to the next level. He combines yarn with love and fun and creates funky crochet clothing from recycled vintage crochet afghans.

    These funky crochet shorts are loads of fun!!! Great for the Playa, Northern Soul nights, Disco parties, or just wearing every day! These one-of-a-kind pants can easily be worn by a man or a woman, great for Burning Man, after the slopes, or for morning yoga in the winter.

    These shorts are made from recycled vintage afghans blankets!! (Available at: Etsy)

    We’ve found some great pictures of his work at Bored Panda and we want to share them with you.


    Are these crochet shorts fun or what? You decide! Kudos to Schuyler Ellers for having the courage to create something different.
    These shorts for sure are going to stir up controversy. And we all know, controversy sells!
    Love them? Hate them? What do you think? Share with us in the comments below.

    For more information check out: Bored Panda.
    Photos Source: Bored Panda.

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