[Free Pattern] These Christmas Cork Elves & Pals Are Way Too Cute!

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Do you love wine? Champagne, maybe? Hopefully your answer is yes, if not, better find some good friends who do like wine. Because these little Christmas Cork Elves & Pals by Irishmagda are made…Yes, it's right!  Are made of corks! And then, it's the lovely knitting pattern and the dk wool leftovers. How many will you make?



These little fellows are excellent ‘little something Christmasy’ that you can just whip up in no time(-:
I would make one or two each evening while watching something on TV.
All you need is an old champagne cork and some dk wool leftovers.

Be Creative and:

  • add ornaments: buttons, ribbons, pompoms, bells,
  • cut out wings, shoes, sleeves from felt or foam,
  • add chenille/pipe cleaner for a halo to make angels…

Christmas is such a wonderful time to be creative(-: (Source)

Christmas Cork Elves

Thanks to Irishmagda for article inspiration and featured image.

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