[Free Pattern] Crochet Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch

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Vintage is fashionable these days! I love the color choices in this crochet vintage fan ripple blanket made by Chiaki of Chiaki Creates! The pattern used for this gorgeous blanket is crochet Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Pattern by Janis Cortese. I personally like the afghan better  when is made  in more colors, I think is more fun and more visually appealing. If you need more help with this stitch, here is a great photo tutorial.

Here is a video tutorial which you may find useful to see things done.

Featured image  Chiaki.

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18 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] Crochet Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch”

  1. Does anyone know if you are making a good sized lap blanket, how much yarn it would take? I like to buy the yarn ahead of time and don’t know how much to buy.

    1. Leah, the pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern ( First letter capital, followed by the name of the designer + only one line under). Hope this helps!:-)

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