[Pictures Tutorial] How To Fix A Hole In Knitting

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We've all been there at some point in our life. You just discovered that your favorite sweater has a hole right where it shouldn't be and now you wonder how to fix it so the repair wouldn't be too noticeable? Are you going to have to take it to a taylor or you can do it by yourself in an attempt to save the sweater?

On the next pages you'll find some great advice from Kate Atherley from Knitty  on how to repair Tears and Holes  and also a little tutorial on Socks repairing.

There are a few things you can do before the damage is done like:

1.Save a few meters of the yarn and the ball band for any garment you create, and store them together. The ball band is invaluable, of course, for washing instructions, but it can also provide hints for repair. And the spare yarn can be used for darning.

or, and I personally find this to be even smarter:

2. Several wise knitters have recommended sewing some spare yarn into the seams of the garment so that it gets washed and worn in the same way as the garment itself, ensuring less visible repairs.


knittingImage source: flickr

If your interested in knowing what you can do After the damage is done  then Please Go To Next Page.


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