• [Video Tutorial] The Fastest, The Easiest & The Funniest Way To Roll Your Yarn!

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    Works every time ! Kristen is going to show you a very fast way to roll your yarn. So fast, so easy so much fun!

    If you are a crocheter or knitter you know the nightmare that yarn can be. Sometimes you’ll get yarn that just comes out really easily and it’s totally fine the whole time and then other times you get yarn that you’ll pull a chunk out and there’s a ginormous knot and that’ll happen to you every five feet or so. So it makes trying to do your project really frustrating because if you constantly stop and undo the knot.
    So a lot of you probably roll your yarn if you’re like me where you kind of just roll it around your fingers um you know and just keep rolling it until you form a ball this is not only time consuming but your wrists and your fingers and everything will start to hurt after a while. So I wanted to tell you guys about
    this really fast solution and to be honest it’s pretty fun to do – way more fun than doing it by hand for this project all you will need is going to be a paper towel roll or maybe a toilet paper roll then you need a hand mixer and you’ll need a whisk that can go into the hand mixer now if you guys wait till the end of the video I will show you another option for doing this if you want something a lot more sturdy there is something else that you can use other than a paper towel roll so make sure you stay till the end.

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    14 Comments to [Video Tutorial] The Fastest, The Easiest & The Funniest Way To Roll Your Yarn!

    1. You notice that after she spun it onto roll of paper, she fed the yarn from the end not from the center where we normally have the problem when done directly from the factory/purchased ball. There is no need to spin it onto a tube/roll if we just use the outside end (roll out) instead of the inside (pull out).

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