• [Video Tutorial] How To Crochet A Rectangular Granny Square

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    Have some fun with granny squares! Make a rectangular piece instead of the classic square one. This is just a granny square but is worked in the rectangular form. It’s so easy to make a rectangular granny which can be used in so many ways. This is handy if you need to make anything quick and rectangular like a table runner, or a fast baby blanket, or a quick lap throw. You get the picture. Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the video tutorial.

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    1. I’m making one of these at the moment and loving it. So thankful that I will not have to sew/crochet a bunch of squares together 😉

    2. I like this but my last attempt caused the long sides to become ‘even’ and the short sides to become ‘odd’ so the scallop edging wouldn’t work. Guess my math was off… Need to try it again, a bit differently next time…

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