[Video Tutorial] How To Attach Granny Squares With Cable Stitch- It\’s Easier Than You Think!

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This is a beautiful joinThis method is perfect for all squares with rough edges. It\'s easier than sewing and it looks much nicer. This How To Attach Granny Squares With Cable Stitch video tutorial, courtesy of Bronislava Slagle is done in such a way that it\'s easy for a beginner to pick up the techniques and to have end result that looks like a very experienced stitch. The step-by-step instructions are simple to understand and the stitches did slow enough for any beginner to be able to keep up.

 If you\'re bored with all of the usual joining grannies methods and you\'re looking for something new and refreshing, you\'re going to love this technique. This is one of the most beautiful designs I have seen. Follow along with Bronislava Slagle and learn How to Attach Granny Squares with Cable Stitch the easy way.

This video tutorial can help you with attaching granny squares with a cable style stitch. It\'s not hard and it is beautiful. You need to know how to make chain, single crochet and slip stitch.

Thanks to Bronislava for the article inspiration and featured image. 

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20 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] How To Attach Granny Squares With Cable Stitch- It\’s Easier Than You Think!”

    1. It really is easiest thing on earth… and if you mess up just frog it… no worries… and start over… everything is in 3’s… you’ll get it!

  1. Dr sabeena khattak

    This is the best tutorial I have ever seen on joining squares.Are there any more tutorial by the same auther?? We always need a good teacher to learn any trade.Nothing is learnt without a Good teacher.Big thank you to the teacher of this video.keep coming

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