• [Video Tutorial] Easiest Way To Weave In Loose Ends In Crochet

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    Weaving in ends can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a beginner crocheter. Falling apart projects and ends that always end up fraying out are not fun at all, I think we all agree on this. Here is in my opinion,  the easiest way to tidy up loose ends. This video tutorial, courtesy of Kathleen Sams of Red Heart Yarns, is going to show you how to back weave your project and how to make perfect finishes with properly woven-in ends. Such a simple technique, you’ll be amazed!

    Thanks to Red Heart Yarns and  Kathleen Sams for this article inspiration and featured image.

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    7 Comments to [Video Tutorial] Easiest Way To Weave In Loose Ends In Crochet

    1. I was taught sc and dc 25 years ago. I made one blanket and put down the hook and didn’t crochet again until about two years ago. Since then I am self taught or have learned through youtube videos (one of my greatest resources over the last year). My biggest problem was how to weave in the ends securely. This is how I taught myself through trial and error those 25 years ago and to the best of my knowledge nothing has ever come undone since.