• Learn A New Crochet Stitch: V-Shaped Puff Stitch (Video Tutorial)

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    The crochet hook used in this demonstration, courtesy of DIY Ideas – Tutorials – DIY Inspiration is size 12.

    Use a soft and luxurious looking yarn so you won’t get your skin irritated while looking great. The scarf in the video tutorial below uses a yarn that instructs you to use crochet hooks size 8-10, so keep this detail in mind when choosing the yarn for your crocheted scarf.

    V-Shaped Puff Stitch


    Thanks to Mari Annet for the featured photo. Visit the Crochet Puff Stitch Loop Video Tutorial link to watch the explanatory video tutorial.

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    1. Love the stitch and the lady doing it did a great job!! Next will try to duplicate it while following the video. I counted 27 chains to start but not positive. What language in, Russian? Size of hook definitely looks bigger than an I hook!?? Yes, would love written instructions.

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