[Photo Tutorial] These Mini Granny Square Crochet Baskets Are Incredibly Lovely

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Make 5 little granny squares, put them together, add some linen and voila! You have a beautiful mini basket for your yarn, hooks and scissors or maybe for your make-up. These DIY Mini granny square crochet baskets by Victoria from Vika Moka are absolutely precious ad the photo tutorial is excellent. You can use them for lots of things and they would make a great gift basket too!  If you don't know how to make the granny square, check these Granny Square For Beginners Step-By-Step video and photo tutorials.

They take a little time to assemble but are really fun to make, you can use any color combination that you like and move them around your house. I have already found many uses for them: to gather my yarn and crochet hooks when I’m working on a project, to put my most treasured nail polish bottles and jewelry or just to hide away the little bits and pieces that are frequently scattered in my home. I hope you will like them!

You will need:

– cotton yarn (in three different colors for me, but you can use as many as you wish)

– a crochet hook that matches your yarn size (a 3.0mm or D crochet hook in my case)

– a piece of fabric

– scissors

– thread and needle

– I also used a sewing machine for the lining but you can do without it. (Source)

Crochet-granny-basket 2

Thanks toVika Moka for this article inspiration and featured image.

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52 thoughts on “[Photo Tutorial] These Mini Granny Square Crochet Baskets Are Incredibly Lovely”

  1. Great idea for easy access to pegs without putting your hands on a mouse in your usual type peg bags!
    Yes it did happen. Peg bag on shed door. New occupant.
    Now pegs stay on the line.

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