How To Add A Beautiful Crochet Edge To A Fleece Baby Blanket

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This is a brilliant idea!  The Crochet Edge on Fleece Blanket Tutorial by Kali of The Friendly Red Fox is such a smart way to finish off a fleece blanket. It's really quick and you can use this technique to make a last minute gift for a baby shower or just to make a variety of baby blankets for your special baby.



There are 5 different border patterns presented in this tutorial. The crochet edges are so pretty and they make these warm, soft blankets look so elegant.

It happens to all of us (at least I hope its not just me!). It's Friday and you have a baby shower Saturday. And you forgot until that moment. For now, on our husband-is-in-school-and-I-am-a-stay-at-home-mom budget, I need to combine our gift giving budget with my crafty stuffs budget. Luckily I found the perfect quick/reasonable price/still nice gift in this crochet edged fleece blanket! I actually have a stock of these now for all the wee babes coming into our life!

How To Add A Beautiful Crochet Edge To A Fleece Baby Blanket

Thanks to Kali for the article inspiration and featured image.

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38 thoughts on “How To Add A Beautiful Crochet Edge To A Fleece Baby Blanket”

  1. This is what I do, I sew stitches around the edge first then I crochet an edge onto the stitches .. I’ve done it on a few fleece baby burp cloths.I liked the way it came out

  2. this is truly the way to do this kind of project. I tried going the sharp tiny gauge crochet hook, where you jab a hole each stitch along the way, and it doesn’t work. trust me.

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