• This Thick And Quick Pumpkin Headband Is Easy To Work Up

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    The headband is gorgeous and the model in the picture so precious! The Pumpkin Headband by Tanya Bernard is a quick and easy pattern that would look great on any girl. This headband is perfect for Halloween. The pumpkin pattern can be used to make little pumpkins as well since the size of the crochet version is pretty close to the real one.


    This thick and quick pumpkin headband is easy to work up. Suggested bulky yarn, but 3 strands of worsted can be used in it’s place. pumpkin works up to be the size of a real mini-pumpkin. Can be used as a toy, headpiece, decoration.

    Pumpkin headband by Tanya Bernard

    Thanks to Tanya Bernard for article inspiration and featured image.

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      • All I see is attitude. Was going to download the pattern, until I saw the attitude. Sad how things have evolved.

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