[Free Pattern] This Aluminum Crochet Hook Case Is Pure Genius!

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Are your hooks are all over the place? If your answer is yes, you'll love this ingenious pattern. The Aluminum Crochet Hook Case by Priscilla Hewitt is a really nice, durable and super useful case. The pattern is design with 10 pockets for the hooks and two closure options, zipper or button. The pattern is genius! All one piece, worked from inside around to the outside. This hook case has a very clever construction.

This case is worked all in one piece and folds like a book. The hook “pockets” are crocheted into the case! This case holds 10 hooks…a complete set sizes B to K.

crochet caseImage  source: Sangeetha

crochet case 2Image  source: Sangeetha

Isn't it wonderful?!! The beauty of this pattern is that the hook pockets are formed as you crochet and there is no stitching/seaming involved (YAY). I have to admit I was skeptical about this and wondered whether I could manage it. But believe me it is easy peasy.(Source)

If you are interested in learning how to add a second layer of pockets without altering the pattern at all, please continue to the next page.


13 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Aluminum Crochet Hook Case Is Pure Genius!”

  1. This crochet hook case is brilliant, I am getting new Aluminum hooks but didn’t have a case this will be perfect

  2. You have to click on the words “Aluminum Crochet Hook Case” that are underlined to reach the pattern. Had to tell when everything on here looks like it should link to the pattern.

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