• [Free Pattern] Make Your Own Crochet Bath Scrubbie And Washcloth

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    A perfect puff bath is one of the secret to a perfect bath! I love bath scrubbies and I am constantly buying them so when I saw these lovely bath puffs that really look like multicolored roses, I knew I have to share this pattern with you. This pattern is free courtesy of Annabelle from Handmade By Annabelle. Also,there is a free washcloth pattern, from Annabelle as well,to make a complete handmade bath set. She called them: These are Not Your Grandma’s Dish Cloths! Funny, right?
    Are you ready to replace your nylon bath scrubbies with these handmade Fluffy Bath Puffs?

    Organic - dishclothes

    Thanks to Annabelle for this article inspiration and featured images.

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    1. Kathy, sorry to have caused you problems. The patterns are always free ( when announced as free) and to get them please click the name of the patterns. It’s always in the first paragraph when I introduce the pattern and the designer. Remember please, this site is for daily inspiration.The ads are not manndatory, however I find that many people are interested in related topics. You get a choice to click on them but you do not have too. Is your choice. Hope this helps.

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