• [Free Pattern] Enviro-Friendly Scrubber That You Don’t Have To Toss: Bobble Sponge

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    Tired of smelly sponges that fall apart if you bleach them? This 3 by 5 inches scrubber is an absolutely brilliant idea! The Kitchen Sponge (Scrubber) by Book People Studio is a simple pattern, quick and easy, and cute too. Nice and thick, this project is portable and also perfect for your leftover yarn.

    Feeling bad about all the green and yellow kitchen sponges I’ve been throwing away lately, (after they start to stink and my husband has tried microwaving them in bleach), I decided to create an enviro-friendly sponge that I don’t have to toss. Just throw this little guy in your washing machine, and you don’t have to worry about hurting the Earth, um, as much.

    This sponge is worked in one long piece, which is folded into thirds and sewn around the perimeter. Use variegated yarn or switch colors for each “layer.” One side is flat and the business end is nubby for when you have to show your dishes who’s boss. (Source)

    Scrubber 2Image source: Michelle

    Thanks to Michelle for article inspiration and featured image.

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      • dailycrochet

        Jerry, where it says: The Kitchen Sponge (Scrubber) by Book People Studio, please click the name of the pattern.

    1. Kristin, I amm not aware of video tutrial for this pattern. As for the other, I tend to add a video tutorial if available. Unforntunately, not all of them have a video version.

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